Regardless of the type of service we purchase, we want results. Right? Well, that is no different when purchasing radio promotions. Well, the good news is A-Sides Radio Promotion has been getting just that … great results.

We just finished pitching this year’s Christmas singles to radio and received more than 100 station adds within the first day! Considering we are pitching songs from independent artists and groups, this is great. Out of the 115 stations that added within the first day, 109 were terrestrial stations (primarily FM) within the United States. The other 9 station adds were either international stations, networks or internet stations.

Think about this for a second. It has been said that even with the smallest of stations, a song can be heard by more than 2,500 people when it is played one time by one of these stations. Imagine 100 terrestrial radio stations adding a song and then that song being heard by well over a quarter of a million people. And that is if each of those stations play that song only one time each! WOW! That alone can stagger the mind. This is a quarter of a million potential new fans. Think of the possibilities. When you capitalize on this, it creates more music sales and gigs. More on that later in future articles.

Just earlier this year, we did a survey with music buyers and listeners. Out of everyone that took that survey, 86% listen to the radio while the rest only listen to CD’s, with an iPod, or other digital device. That is a lot of people still listening to radio. Many artists seem concerned that they will get on too many internet stations and not enough terrestrial stations. But, check this out. Out of those who listen to the radio, 67% indicated that they listen to radio on the internet. So, I wouldn’t discount the value of internet airplay either. I’ll share more results from the survey in future articles.

Check out what others are saying:

“…so grateful for Jeff at A-Sides! He’s done a great job pitching my last few singles and I’ve been very happy with the response I’ve received.”
Crystal Lewis

“Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news. I am truly thankful for the ministry of A-Sides Radio Promotion as they bring the good news of Jesus Christ through the music of many Christian artists and partner with Christian radio to broadcast it to the world!”
Scott Wesley Brown

“We trust A-sides Radio Promotion with all of our artists. Consistent and proven results are always worth the money and A-sides delivers every time. Even when promotion budgets get tight, we always make sure there is room for A-sides Radio Promotion – these guys are brilliant!”
SongsandCrowns (Record Label for The Classic City Collective and Matthew Brown)

Do you need airplay? A-SIDES! Terrestrial airplay? A-SIDES! Internet airplay? A-SIDES! Competitive rates? A-SIDES! Pitching to Billboard charting stations? A-SIDES! Spin tracking for the Billboard charting stations? A-SIDES! So, next time you need radio promotions, who do you contact? You guessed it… A-SIDES RADIO PROMOTION!